Jewellery FAQs

Here you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions. You will also find a lot of helpful information on our Commissioning Bespoke Jewellery and Terms and Conditions pages.

General Jewellery FAQs

How much does it cost for a quote?

We are happy to offer you a ballpark quote for FREE. Hooray!

Can I visit your workshop?

McIntosh Jewellery runs a working studio, so you need to make an appointment for consultations. We can answer most queries by telephone. If not, we can then tell you the best time to drop by. To contact us, click here.

Do you repair and clean jewellery?

We are always able to repair, clean or refinish any of the jewellery items that we make. You can call us to arrange a time for you to drop-off and collect your jewellery. Alternatively, you can also send items via secure, insured postal services – but please be aware that you will also need to pay for the return postage. If your jewellery is not made by us, we are always happy to take a look – just send us a photo via email. Most jewellery can be repaired relatively easily.

Do you resize rings?

We are able to resize all McIntosh Jewellery items, unless expressly stated otherwise. The cost can vary depending on how much work is involved. For example, it is more costly if stones need re-setting. For more information on resizing, see our Terms and Conditions.

Does my jewellery come with a guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee all our jewellery items for one year from date of purchase.

Can you make a wedding band to fit with my engagement ring?

No problem, we specialise in making tailored rings. We just need to have the engagement ring for a couple of days to model the new wedding band to fit with it perfectly.

Do you do jewellery valuation certificates?

Many of our bespoke design customers request jewellery valuations for insurance purposes. We provide these free of charge on all orders valued at £1,500 and above. We are always happy to provide customers with insurance valuations on request – whether the jewellery has been purchased through McIntosh Jewellery or not. The charge for the valuation service is £45. This covers the valuation process and you will be given two certificates which include a photo of the item with a detailed description and replacement value.

Do you offer professional design services?

Yes, we design and make one-off bespoke pieces and jewellery collections for diamond houses, designer brands and galleries.

Jewellery Design and Commissioning FAQs

How long does the design process take?

Typically, design can take 2-3 weeks if time is needed to refine design ideas or make mock-ups of your finished jewellery.

How long does a commission take?

Your jewellery will be ready 5-6 weeks after you sign off the design.

Can I show you photos, sketches and Pinterest/Instagram boards?

Yes, that can be very helpful but certainly not essential as we will guide you through all the design options.

I can’t visit in person. Can I still commission jewellery with you?

That is not a problem at all – many of clients and customers live abroad. We are more than happy to work with you via telephone, email and Skype.  We can send you photos of gems, designs and finished pieces as examples. You can also send us design ideas or links to Pinterest and Instagram mood boards. Click here to read a remote jewellery commission story.

Do you offer certified diamonds?

Not every diamond comes with a certificate, and comparable diamonds will look the same regardless of whether or not they are certified. If you wish to use certified diamonds in your design, that is no problem at all – just ask. We can offer you certified diamonds with all the “Four C’s” – cut, colour, clarity and carat.

Do I need to put a deposit down?

Yes, a deposit is required on all bespoke jewellery made to order.  We ask for an initial instalment of £200 cover the design phase of your jewellery order. Once the design is approved, you pay the second instalment for making – this is 50% of the order value, minus your £200 design deposit. The final 50% payment is made when you are 100% happy with the finished piece.

I am on a budget - is that a problem?

Not at all. Guided by your preferences, we can identify the precious metals, diamonds or gemstones that would best suit your budget. Recycling your old jewellery can be also be a cost-effective option, if the materials are suitable to use in your chosen design.

Can you make bespoke jewellery from my 3D design files?

Yes we can, if your file is in the correct format.  We also offer a 3D-printed replica ring service to ensure you are 100% happy with the fit and feel of your design before we make the final design in gold or platinum.

Jewellery Remodelling and Gold Recycling Questions

Can you remodel old family jewellery into new pieces?

Yes, this is one of the things we specialise in. We appreciate the sentimental value attached inherited jewellery and it is a pleasure for us to transform that into a design that you will love wearing. Reusing your own stones and metal is also a cost-effective way to create your bespoke jewellery design. Read a jewellery remodelling story >

I have inherited a lot of yellow gold. Can I make it into white gold jewellery?

We cannot change the colour of the base alloy, but give us a call as we can offer alternative solutions based upon your chosen design.

Can I get my recycled diamonds certified?

If we are recycling your jewellery and you want to have the diamonds certified, we can certainly arrange that for you. Please note that the diamonds have to be certified by an independent laboratory – a service for which you will be charged. As it is an external service, your delivery timescale will also need to be extended.

Can I get my recycled jewellery hallmarked?

Yes, of course.  We can send your remodelled or recycled gold jewellery to be officially hallmarked at the Assay Office. There it will be tested and hallmarked appropriately according to the gold content. If you choose to have your recycled or remodelled jewellery hallmarked, the charge is £30 including P&P.


Still can’t find what you are looking for?

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